Saturday, August 19, 2006

Coffee Break for Writers, an e-zine for Writers

"Coffee Break for Writers" (CBfW) is a bi-weekly e-zine for writers, by writers. It is edited by Misti Sandefur, an Illinois woman who has been writing since she was 8 years old. Misti asked if she could interview me for the July 31, 2006 edition of CBfW (Issue 5), and I agreed. She asked me for the interview because she wanted to interview an editor of a "paying market". I am the editor and founder of (LFC), a website that buys articles of "Insight and Entertainment" from freelance writers.

Misti sent me a list of just over a dozen questions about myself and the LFC website. The questions included inquiries about the size of our readership and number of authors published, whether we prefer articles with popular keywords, what kinds of articles we look for, as well as how I became an editor and whether I enjoyed it. Here is a short excerpt:

Q: What inspired you to start Looking for Clues?
A: I've always had great respect for those who are able to express themselves via the written word. A few years ago, I met a woman online who is a gifted writer. I was captivated by her eloquent heartfelt words, and I decided to create this Web site as an outlet for her work. I enjoyed editing her articles, so I mentioned on the site that I would be buying articles from freelance writers. Some of my early submitters discussed their positive experiences on Web sites for writers like, which led to further interest. At that point, LFC began to be what you see today --a collection of insightful and entertaining articles!

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview process and feel that the result is interesting and helpful to the freelance writer community. Thanks, Misti, for this opportunity!

Misti sent me a complimentary copy of the issue of her e-zine that featured my interview. I also read a sample issue which is available on her website. I found the publication to be comprehensive and informative. Each issue has helpful articles, book reviews, interviews and information on paying markets. I highly recommend this e-zine to all writers!

Please visit the "Coffee Break for Writers" website and subscribe today! I did, and I've been very happy with my decision.