Friday, April 28, 2006

Funny stuff!

We just posted an article Laughter and Comedy on LFC. Here's a link to it:
LFC article - Laughter and Comedy

After we buy an article from a freelance writer, we create an introduction which includes links to other websites. While researching links about Laughter and Comedy, I came across called Comedy College. They produce a half hour radio program that showcases famous comedians. There is an archive of a few dozen past shows. I listened to several and Laughed Out Loud (LOL)!

Each program contains a few very funny and popular routines that give a nice representation of the person's work. They also feature a host recounting a brief but informative bio of the comedian. The bio info is just enough to put the comedian's career in perspective and doesn't take much time away from the real fun - the comedy routines!

I started off by listening to the show on Steve Martin. Funny stuff!!! I remember seeing him on HBO in the 70s and laughing hysterically! There's been a lot of water under the bridge since then, but his routines still stand up. Some of the bits were taken from "Let's get small", a record that come out in the 70s. Also included is the huge comedy hit, "King Tut", which I remember him performing on Saturday Night Live. Take a half hour out of your busy life and listen to this show!

I also listened to Gilder Radner. I really liked the "Roseanne Rosannadana" bit! That was always a very funny addition to Saturday Night Live. The "Lisa Lubner" segment was a bit slow for me, but did remind me of the humor of her character on SNL.

Flip Wilson's extended bit on Christopher Columbus was very funny too! The "Geraldine" segment didn't translate as well into audio only, the visuals of Wilson in drag were needed. Bob Newhart was okay, but a little dry. I have not gotten to Lucille Ball or Burns and Allen yet, but I plan to listen to them next.

Please read our article on Laughter and Comedy.

You will find the link to Comedy College on that page. Enjoy, and LOL!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


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