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This post provides the first 3 paragraphs of our LookingForClues article titled "More Than a Saw in SAW 3", a review of the latest in the SAW series of horror movies. After the first 3 paragraphs, there is a link to the complete article.

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At Wed Mar 14, 11:43:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great review article of the movie "SAW". It was well said and reading the review you got the meaning of the movie. Terrific review.

At Sun Apr 22, 01:21:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Cubist Vowels said...

I have not viewed the latest installment in the Saw series, yet I am familiar with the basic premise and have seen at least one of the films.

I am not debating that there may be an underlying message in "Saw III." However, I believe it is important to note that graphic violence can easily obsure the underlying moral of a film--if it indeed has one. If I must wade knee-deep through severed limbs and exposed intestines to grasp the message, I question the redeeming value of such a movie. I personally have difficulty believing that most audiences will come away from such gore pondering the issue of forgiveness instead of primarily recounting the gruesome methods of torture inflicted upon the desperate victims.

At Thu Mar 12, 11:04:00 AM EDT, Blogger Anonymous said...

This was a great review of the movies "Saw". I'm a bit late of being a fan to these movies, that's because i thought what everyone thought, 'it's to gory, for no reason.'
But i had seen "Saw IV" first not to long ago, and had bought a box set of the first three just this weekend, just to see something new.
Little did i know how absolutely amazing these movies would be.
I absolutely love how it is a horrificaly gory movie, but yet it has a great plot, and something i have never seen in a horror movie before, a moral.
I love how in each movie it plays out, and the audience is confussed as heck, but then toward the end of everyone it shows flashbacks, revealing everything, and strangely enough it all makes sense.
Alot of the gore scenes wouldn't take place if only the victims listened and obided by the rules, (except the rules that Jigsaws goones set out, seeint there unwinable), but Jigsaw,(John) does not technically kill anyone.
This made me upset when i first heard it, because i thought putting people in situations where the only way out is to kill themselves is still murder. But he doesn't make it to where it's impossible for them to live, if people got past the gore and focused on the story plot, they would see that all the victims of Jigsaw, (not his goone's) all either cheated or didn't listen, and that is what caused them to die.
About the gore, i know this may sound bizarre, and no i'm not the type of person who loves gore or what not, (in fact i used to always close my eyes during them) but i think it's good that they show the violence in the movie, and make it as realistic as possible, because if someone where to be in any situation where they had to see someone die kind of like that, they wouldn't freak out so much.

But the movies are absolutely brilliant, and i love them now, i love the common sense behind them. I really need the fourth movie, because without it, i'll be missing a piece of the jigsaw puzzle.


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