Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gastritis: Small Irritant can Lead to Big Problems

This post provides the first 3 paragraphs of our LookingForClues article titled "Gastritis: Small Irritant can Lead to Big Problems". After the first 3 paragraphs, there is a link to the complete article.

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At Sun Dec 31, 12:19:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very interesting article. I don`t know how old Julian Gooden is but she must a very experienced writer or a journalist.

At Sat Sep 27, 03:47:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interersting and informative.
I am going to have an endoscopy because I have the symptoms that sound like gastritis.

At Mon May 02, 01:22:00 PM EDT, Blogger Francesca said...

I would to argue about the causes of Gastritis. My younger sister also has gastritis, but she had been having it since she was at the age of ten. She has never smoked, drunk, or taken any drugs. She has always been eating vegetables and few meat. When she first consulted with the doctor at the clinic, she was told not to eat food that contained fiber and not allowed to drink anything else other than water. How can Gastritis affect someone at such a young age who only eat vegetables throughout her childhood? She is the the moment 18 years of age. Until now she has not been cured.


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