Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Newest YouTube Star!

Our article on YouTube Stars is very popular! It is currently number 3 in the "TOP 10 ARTICLES VIEWED IN THE LAST SEVEN DAYS" ratings on our stats page. The popularity of this article reflects the popularity of YouTube. This popularity may be at it's apex. It seems that the traditional media corporations are signing the most talented YouTube members to appear on traditional television. We heard from MadV several weeks back, that he had been signed by a TV production company and would no longer be able to make YouTube vids. Last night, we learned that Brookers is 90% sure that she'll sign the contract sent to her by Carson Daly Productions, the production company owned by the host of MTV's TRL show. That means she'll be making few if any new vids for YouTube.

What will the results be of this harvesting of talent from YouTube? It may be that as the most talented members are prohibited by contract from posting further videos, YouTube will recede in popularity. However, it is equally likely that as word gets out that one can become famous "overnight" by showcasing their talent in this new medium, new YouTube Stars will be born! I think we are no where near the zenith in this trend. I feel that this is a classic positive feedback loop - the more people get "discovered" on YouTube, the more it will attract future wannabe video stars.

I'd like to echo the author of our YouTube article, Kenny Crane, as he calls for an elevation in the tone of feedback comments on posted video clips. If you go to YouTube and watch a video that moves you to leave a comment, by all means say what you feel, but keep your tone civil. There is no need to be vulgar, just make your point in a mature manner. If you love the video, let the member know that. I'm sure they will be glad to know that they have fans. If you don't like the performance or the member, you can be a "disliker" but don't be a "hater"!

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