Sunday, May 21, 2006

More Funny Stuff

We just added another article on Laughter and Stress. This one is about how to not let the small things bother you. The writer and her sister invented an uncle and then they create a new calamity for him every time they need a chuckle. Here's the intro to the article:

Have life's little daily annoyances got you down? Don't sweat the small stuff! The one sure way to deal with petty irritations is to laugh. You can't be bothered and merry at the same time! Either find the humor in the vexing situation or decide to think about a joke or funny story. It's your choice; you have the power to decide what you will think about.

This web page will help you to deal with the small stresses of life. You'll realize that stress is harmful and the proposed cure is enjoyable! Further down on this page, we present an article called, "Easier Said Than Done: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. ". The article is written by a woman who has learned to cope with life's daily stresses by thinking up unlikely but hilarious calamities suffered by her "uncle". Learn how her techniques have improved her life!

After you have read our article, follow the Related Links we provide to other informative and helpful web sites on how to Laugh Away Stress. For more information about coping with small things and funny jokes and stories to cheer you up, please buy a few of the Books we recommend below. Everyone has bad days. Don't let them make you sick! Choose to laugh; it's great preventative medicine!

Every article we publish contains links to related web sites and related books. This article links to joke web sites and joke books. Enjoy!!!


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