Monday, October 02, 2006

Mantras for the Do-It-Yourself Traveler

This post provides the first 3 paragraphs of our LookingForClues article on being a Do-It-Yourself Traveler. After the first 3 paragraphs, there is a link to the complete article.

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At Tue Oct 03, 03:18:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey moumita...i read your article and it did provide many useful valuable tips. i'm sure anyone travelling to foreign shores will experience a great amount of trepidation and this article does much to put one at ease.

in terms of suggestion here are just a few things i thought you could work with to make the article engaging as well as informative.

1) i found the entire approach and too instruction-based. you might want to try a more informal voice considering this article is catering to an off-the-cuff traveller.

2) personal experience is always a delightful departure to better illustrate a point. i love the part about those rocks from the moon in some ancient cave. thats insightful and makes me want to travel to lands unknown. besides my valuation of you as a traveller immediately goes up.

3) humour, tongue-in-cheek, slapstick, black, absurd anything but make it fun. it's not a serious article dealing with ideology and theosophy. it's about the joie de vivre...let it reel

all this only because you asked for suggestions.

the wolf

At Wed Oct 04, 07:29:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Wolf,
Your suggestions were most useful and thanks so much for the kind words! I purposely avoided humour in this article since the LFC website caters towards useful/instructive/self-help articles. So I thought humour might be out of place. But probably I could have been more informal. Will try that next time.
Thanks a ton!

At Wed Oct 04, 08:09:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! And so thorough!



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