Monday, June 28, 2010

Glee cast, tweets, TV listings

This post provides the first few paragraphs of our LookingForClues article about the TV show Glee, titled "Glee, Popular Escapist TV Show -
A musical comedy-drama loved by Gleeks Everywhere". After the first few paragraphs, there is a link to the complete article.

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At Mon Jun 28, 05:14:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the show but yeah sometimes they do butcher a song!

At Mon Jul 05, 03:37:00 PM EDT, Blogger Bill said...

Here's some GLEE News!

Popular Nickelodeon comedy iCarly
( ) has cast the part of never-before-seen mom of Carly's partner and best friend, Sam Puckett. Who did they get to play Sam's mom? "None other than the amazingly fantastic star of Glee - Jane Lynch!!!"

Read all about it, here:


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