Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Superheroes and Religion - Superman, Batman, Spider Man

This post provides the first paragraph of our LookingForClues article about Superheroes and Religion - Why we need Superheroes! After the first paragraph, there is a link to the complete article.

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At Tue Oct 27, 11:39:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Gill Laverick said...

I am drawn to your paragraph that starts "Greek Gods and Goddesses" and can't help thinking that the world of the Superhero is a masculine one...... Good article though

At Fri Oct 30, 10:22:00 AM EDT, Blogger Bill said...

I guess we all wish we had powers no one else had. These days, seems like vampires are the new superheros, i.e. Edward Cullen in Twilight. I bet New Moon will do as well as the Batman and SpiderMan movies did. Twilight grossed 383 million dollars!
- www.TwitterTwilight.com

At Tue Nov 03, 06:32:00 PM EST, Blogger Lindy said...

Wonderful comparisons of superhero to normal, regular people. I too believe that is why people love a superhero. It's as if the hero embodies who they want to be, or even defines HOW they ought to be, and only that hero has any right to do so. Balancing normality with heroism must be tough, but if our heroes can do it, maybe we can too. It's perfect escapism simply because it's almost reality.


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